General Strike for Voting Rights and to End Voter Suppression

Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020

We Call For:
  • All Workers, Employees, and Students to Stay Home From Work or School (Except for Election Workers, Essential Postal Workers, and Essential Medical Personnel.)
  • All Those Working or Schooling At Home to Take the Day Off
  • Employers To Give employees the day off

Instead of working on Nov 3, we will:

Vote! Help Others Vote!
Volunteer! Rally! Protest!

End Voter Suppression! Stop . . .

  • Restrictive Voter ID Laws
  • Felony Voter Laws
  • Racial and Political Gerrymandering
  • Absence or Elimination of Same-Day Registration
  • Unfair Restrictions and Sabotage of Voting By  Mail
  • Reducing the Number of Polling Places in Minority Neighborhoods
  • Aggressive Purging of Voter Registration Rolls
  • Restrictive Student Voting Laws

News Item:  Over 700 Companies Will Give Their Employees Election Day Off. 
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